What Is Playing The Music Of Your Soul?

creativity dream soul's expression Aug 15, 2021
A Book of Sheet Music

There is just something about a stringed instrument that resonates with and releases emotion.  It’s like it’s playing the music of your soul.

In Jr. high school, I learned to play the cello.  Can you imagine a teeny me carrying around a full-sized cello?  As an adult, I play the guitar; a much more suitably sized instrument.

Of course in middle school, I was too gawky and self-conscious to allow the music I felt inside to flow through me.  I believed that just because I could play the notes did not make me a musician. 

Was it like that for you too?  We often allow our self-consciousness to stifle our musical expression.  We do the same thing with our Dream.   

Here’s the deal: the music of your soul must be played whether it’s with a violin or a computer or an airline ticket to an exciting destination.  This is how you create a life of fulfillment and joy!  

Are you finally ready to pay attention to your Dream and sing your song?

The song of the soul

Your Dream is just like a violin playing the music of your soul.  According to the dictionary, a Dream is the creation of the imagination. Our imagination is a precursor to what wants to be created in our lives.  

The string that vibrates in our heart will always resonate with someone, somewhere.  We don’t have to know who that is or when their ears perk up, our job is to pluck our own heartstring and play.  

Here’s how:

Pick up your instrument.  When we begin to pay attention to our Dream, we are taking our instrument out of the case.  We invite resonance with a new life by allowing ourselves to imagine a different future, a different experience, a different relationship.

Prepare to play.  Prepare your instrument by taking care of your body and your brain.  Self-care is how we tune the strings and tighten the bow. When we quiet the head chatter it allows our heart a clear and direct path into the world. 

Find teachers.  Every musician had a teacher at some point.  It might have been a mentor, or a video, or a book.  Even those who are self-taught had inspiring models to mimic.  Our Dream is created more quickly with the loving input and support from teachers, coaches, and mentors. 

Add friction.  We coat the fibers of the bow with resin to increase the friction against the strings.  The friction causes the string to vibrate and make the sound.  When we play timidly the sound is weak and barely discernable whereas a strong pull creates volume and voice.  Seek the edge of your fear to vibrate strongly.

Practice Practice Practice.  No matter what the Dream is, it takes effort to bring it to life.   Do the work. Deepen your craft, increase your skills, push the edge of exploration.  When we do the work and focus on our Dream, serendipity and synchronicity kick in, then almost magically, it happens!

Book the concert hall.  The result of your focus and hard work is worth sharing. Gather your troops, rally an audience, and distribute your Dream as widely as possible.   When you do, two things happen. It increases your joy and it inspires others to embrace their Dream. 

The greatest violinists and musicians are present with their heart first and the instrument is merely the mechanism to express it.  Like those maestros, your Dream invites you to play the music of your soul.

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