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attention energy soul's expression Feb 18, 2023
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I believe that creativity, the job of transforming nonphysical energy or thought into matter, is what we are here to do. We are here to create. Manifestation and change is our work.

But it takes energy.

Just as we pull in to a gas station to refuel our car, our spirit has its own kind of fuel. That fuel of pure life force energy flows from the source that created us. It permeates every part of our existence and connects us to every other particle in our universe.

Scientific understanding

Through Physics, we are aware of energy on two levels. On one level, it’s solidified into our physical world. The rules of Newtonian physics are familiar:

  • Objects have form, density and size - they can be measured
  • Things don’t last, they grow and die
  • Change is constant
  • The laws of cause and effect are linear
  • Our actions create results

Yet, when we drill down into the nonphysical world of quantum mechanics, we must suspend Newtonian logic.  The rules on this plane are completely different.  Here:

  • Energy is free flowing, unbounded and unmeasurable
  • Cause and effect is nonexistent
  • Nothing is certain or fixed - things can be in two places at one time

How we create

Humans experience nonphysical reality through ideas and inspiration. We interact with this plane through our thoughts, dreams, imagination and intentions.  They feel light because they are still free-flowing intangible whimseys, like little puffs of smoke. 

When a thought puff catches on, our attention to this novelty pulls energy toward it. Through focused attention, the thought grows into an idea. As the idea grows, more energy is drawn toward it until eventually it’s manifested into physical form.

On the non-physical plane, our attention always draws energy toward our focus (whether we want what we imagine or not). Through focusing our attention, and overcoming resistance, our desires will eventually show up on the physical  plane.

The more intense the attention, the more non-physical energy is pulled toward it.

Results require action

It’s easy to make the leap into believing that thoughts alone will manifest our desires.  It doesn’t work that way; thoughts do not create results, actions do.

Results exist on the physical plane, and in this Newtonian world of cause and effect, those results are the outcome of action taken on the physical plane.

Our actions create results, not our thoughts alone.

Thoughts are vitally important though. The nonphysical plane supports us by shooting bolts of energetic assistance in the form of serendipities, coincidences and random sources or resources. If we dwell on tragedy, we are blessed with catastrophe.

Our thoughts show where to aim.

We often miss those encouraging signals because, as Steven Pressfield in The War of Art notes, resistance is out to stop us cold.  We’re distracted by avoidance and delusion. 

The best way to live our most fulfilled life is to keep our energy channels free-flowing. Open channels enable greater inspiration and motivation. Open channels allow us to see the support from the nonphysical. We become more willing to act on energetic nudges toward the next best step.

Six Channels of Energy

Let’s go back to the gas station.  Based on ideas put forth in The Energy of Money by Dr. Maria Nemeth, energy is channeled to us in different forms. Imagine the gas pump has six nozzles, each nozzle provides a different energy channel.  We know these channels of energy:



 Physical vitality




As Nemeth explained, on the nonphysical plane, each channel of energy has the whole of energy within it, like a hologram.

When we tear a 2-D photograph in pieces, each piece will have a part of the original picture on it.  However, when we break the glass imprinted with a hologram, on each piece the entire hologram is reproduced.

Widening any channel increases the potential for serendipity, coincidence and happenstance to arise from the nonphysical. And not just in the channel where we focus, but every channel.

Improvement in one channel is improvement everywhere.

We do this to grow, and we do it to contribute. Perhaps our actions, or the actions of someone who was inspired by us, will create something extraordinary.

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