LIFE is Love In Full Expression

creativity soul's expression spiritual adventure May 01, 2021

It’s early spring right now, the time for blossoming; the flowers are in full expression. I’ve heard it said that LIFE is an acronym: Love In Full Expression

A year ago, when I arrived in my new home, I thought there were no flowers in the yard.  As the weather started to turn, though, I saw the green shoots of the irises peeking from the ground by the side of the deck.

Wow - who knew?

The leaves shot up rather quickly and I was determined to see these irises blossom.  One afternoon in March, I spent several hours amending the soil and rimming the garden bed with rocks. I wanted the m to have every chance to flourish.

The time went by very quickly even though the work was hard. I don’t yet have a wheelbarrow for hauling so each rock was carried by hand. It felt good to do this work, like I was creating my own little piece of Eden. As I worked, I imagined how beautiful the blooms would be. (And they are!)

There is still so very much to be done to craft a beautiful yard around my little house in the woods. My vision is to be surrounded by beauty because this is how I honor this darling home. I want to express my love for it. 

Life is how we live day to day.  I know that if I put in the effort, beauty will be the result.

As I reflected on that spurt of gardening, I realized that when we live a fulfilled life, we inhale love and we exhale our creative expression.

Creativity is both a pathway and a doorway.

The pathway of my focused effort opened a doorway to beautiful flowers.  Creativity is also:

Pathway toward the divine - When we are lost in our creativity we are in a state of flow. Here, we lose track of time. Our minds, instead of worrying, are empty of extraneous thoughts and focus deeply on the task at hand. This empty mind is a pathway toward our source of inspiration and creativity.

Pathway toward our desires - toward our dreams - We sometimes don’t realize we have a dream, but when we follow the pathway to our creative expression, the dream arises. We learn what we love by doing what attracts us. Each step takes us closer.

Doorway for our creative expression - What’s inside must come through. When we refuse to pay attention to the calling inside, the universe conspires to shake us up. The work you are here to do must be done by you. No one else can express what’s in your soul.

Doorway for connection - Gardeners know each other by the dirt under their nails. Artists know each other through close observation. Musicians know each other by the rhythms in their soul. Creativity invites our inner being to connect with others in our tribe.

Where will you follow your pathway? What doorway will you open today? I’d love to hear about your experience with creating and what you learned along the path.  Please comment below.

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