How to spot the magic of serendipity

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Serendipity brings magic into our lives.  Spirit sprinkles serendipity in our path, like pixie dust, to create opportunities for growth. 

We instinctively know things are more than they seem when we stumble upon a fortunate discovery.  But rather than recognizing those messages for what they are, we often dismiss them in favor of a glib explanation.

We call it coincidence when we bump into the person we were just thinking about while walking out of the coffee shop.  Two weeks later, that person facilitates a job offer and propels us down a completely different career path.

We call it happenstance when we cross paths with a long-lost friend from high school in an elevator. They then extend an invitation to a backyard BBQ where we meet our soul mate.

We call ourselves lucky when the exact item we look to purchase is the last one on the shelf.  Or lucky that we swerved just in time to avoid a serious accident.

But it isn’t luck, it isn’t happenstance, and it isn’t a coincidence; it’s serendipity.  The most mundane moments can change us forever.

The signals of serendipity 

Even though we can often name it long after the fact, recognizing serendipity at the moment it happens creates an“aha” moment that fills us with wonder.  Our gratitude increases and the resulting change in perspective broadens our world.  We begin to perceive the big picture.

Serendipity changes perspective and increases joy.  Feeling the joy of recognition invites more of the same and that facilitates the flow of good things into our lives.

When we miss serendipity at the time it happens, we miss some of the benefits.  By looking for the signals, we see it sooner.

Here are a few:

Serendipity aligns.  When we are on the right path, things line up and flow effortlessly.   Notice when what you need is right where you need it, at exactly the right time.  When spirit supplies what’s necessary before you realize you need it,  that’s a message that you’re on the right path.

I can look back on my move to Arkansas for an example. While packing the linens, my supply of boxes ran out.  I was forced to stop, so I went into the kitchen for a cold beverage and a break.  The phone dinged an incoming text from a friend.  She said, “I’m volunteering at the food bank today and there are a lot of sturdy boxes here.  Do you need any?”  Exactly what I needed, when I needed it.

Serendipity trains us  Spirit speaks in metaphor and reveals connections that only you understand.  When those messages arrive, it nudges us.  Stay alert and learn the ways it shows up for you and begin to look there first.

Often when I am pondering a decision, I will look for a token or symbol that alerts me the answer is near.  A message arriving timestamped with an angel number (like 11:11 or 4:56) always piques my attention.  I know something important is near.

Spirit can often use random events, like the timing of traffic flow or surprise phone calls to help us connect random dots.  Many turn to Oracle cards like Tarot or Angel Cards for a signal.  Lucky-dipping the Bible, where you open up randomly and read the first scripture you see, can also yield surprising benefits.

Serendipity surprises.  The surprise is what makes it serendipitous.  When we express our desires to Spirit, we always receive a reply.  What we want is a clear answer, what we get is serendipity. 

Messages come from nowhere and everywhere, then randomly pop into our awareness. Spirit has someone we’re supposed to meet, or something we’re supposed to see, or a lesson we’re ready to learn and uses surprise signals to send us there. 

Spirit is always guiding our path.  Spirit is always communicating with us.  Spirit has our best interests at heart.  Pay attention to serendipity and you will move through the lessons faster.

And, just know, it’s no accident that you’re reading this.

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