Dreams are just pixie dust... Why bother?

calling career dream Mar 16, 2022
foot stepping into pixie dust

Our inner guidance gently leads us by sending signals and prompts that remind us of our majestic possibility.  But we don’t always listen.  We dismiss the nudging as pixie dust and wonder, “Why bother?”

When I first learned about this job called “life coach,” I was intrigued.  It seemed like an interesting new way to help my clients.  This was way back last century, in 1998, and very few had heard of coaching before. 

At the time, I was working as an Employment Specialist for the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.  I taught job seekers how to find work.  To help them, I spent many hours researching effective tactics, resume formats, and interview questions. 

My 3-day workshop was effective in teaching those concepts and supporting job seekers from all walks of life. I taught them what worked best and I advised them well. 

It was really satisfying work. My advice, individualized for each job seeker, was tangible and directive.

The message was clear: come to my class and you will find a job. 

But, to continue my quest of increasing my effectiveness, I started life coach training. 

This is just pixie dust!

I gotta admit, in the beginning, I was a little put off by the emphasis on dreaming.  We spent a lot of time learning how to help clients get in touch with what they wanted to create, imagining a new future, and fantasizing a great life.  Blah Blah Blah

Seriously?  If you need a job, you need to be in action.  Fiddling around with your dreams will just slow you down.

Then, it came to MY dream.  Since I was 16 years old, I knew I wanted to live in a cabin in the woods.  It wasn’t until the 1990’s that I was able to articulate it, and after I hired my own coach, the actual manifestation began. 

Now, years later, I’m living in my cabin in the woods. 

My home feeds my creative spirit and propels me forward in the work I’m meant to do.  Here, I have access to the deeper places in my heart that allow me to share my wisdom with the world. 

My Dream mattered.  And yours does too.

Why is that?

Dreams send hints and nudges: try this, go here, or follow that line of inquiry.  We dismiss those messages as fantasies, but they tug us forward and won’t stop nagging until we pay attention.

Our Dreams arise from our spirit.  Dreams are often the mechanism that allows our “purpose” and “calling” to flow into the world.  It’s the same way a pump brings water to a bucket, or a cabin in the woods allows the writing to flow.

I believe we are born for a reason.  Our gifts, talents and abilities are a unique combination that exist in us alone.  Like our fingerprint or retina, they cannot be duplicated in anyone else.

Our job on this earth is to name our Dream and find a way to bring it to life.  We are here to use our talents in service to the greater good. By birthing our Dream, our calling comes to life and our purpose is fulfilled.

Dreams guide us

When I drive I’m always plotting to find a way with less traffic or prettier scenery.  “Do I take the highway, or this winding 2-lane blacktop by the lake?”  The best way home is rarely a direct line.

My brain knows my preferences and constantly searches to provide opportunities to experience them.  Those musings guide my path and lead to adventure, beauty and a peaceful drive. 

By giving our brain a Dream on which to focus, it will find a way. That’s what brains do best.

Our Dream pulls us toward a long line of possibility.

When we Dream our future and let our imagination play, we will be lead down a path that brings us to life.  Some steps will seem like a frivolous sidetrack, but as we continue, the destination will become more and more clear. 

Serendipity and coincidences will light the path. 

Like pixie dust.

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