Hi, I'm Debra

Dreams DO come true!

No Dream is too frivolous. No Dream is inconsequential. And nothing is more important.

As your Dream Doula, I know that your inner guidance knows what’s best for you and will always send inspiration to help you grow.

Who am I?

I am your teacher and guide.
I am the headlamp for your pathfinding.
I am your cheerleader.

I will teach you how to magnify your Dream and show you where your Dreamkillers live. You’ll learn how to use the tools already at your disposal. You will hold fast to your Dream and allow it to come true around you.

The baby steps are there. I can help you see them.

You don’t need to rock the boat, you don’t need to jump through hoops, you don’t need to forego your responsibilities. But you do need to believe it’s possible.

I can help you with that.

I Believe

  • You are far more powerful than you realize
  • Your Dream will keep bugging you until you give it the attention it craves.
  • The world is hungry for you to express your Dream NOW. The need is so urgent.
  • You’re not getting any younger.

My work is at the intersection of right livelihood, creative expression, and personal growth.

Core Values

Honor Divine Connection

Life works best when love is at the center of all decisions. Change is always for our highest good.

Creative Expression

Everyone has the capacity for creativity. We must create. Nurturing our creative abilities is vital to our growth as a person. 

Embrace Contribution

We give for the joy of giving and help where and when we can. We are all part of the common good.

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“You helped me to realize that my current situation was making me “crazy” and I needed to make a change.  My gremlins have kicked up quite a fuss over the past three years, but they are a little quieter now. Our chats helped to bring into focus what it is that I needed to do.  I do not believe that I can thank you enough for all of your help!!!”

Jim R, Denver

“Debra’s skill in creating a safe environment to express concerns and goals enabled me to be honest with myself. Her guidance enabled me to move forward at work and in my personal life to create environments that support my creativity and autonomy (two words that had been lacking in my vocabulary)…  She was the catalyst that has helped me recognize I have values and passions that must be reflected in my professional and personal lives to lead a fully enriched life.”

Dianne M, Boulder, CO

“Debra was extremely helpful in listening to my ideas and helping me gain clarity about what was really important to me… She is professional, insightful, a reflective listener, and has a natural ability in assisting clients to achieve their best.”

Carol J, Denver

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