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We help women create their Dreams through education and ongoing support.

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Brilliant You: Reflections for Self-Discovery

Discover your inner light and learn how to access your deepest truths. This short course includes a pdf download for a deeper self-directed inquiry.

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If Not Now, When?

Learn how Dreamkillers operate and connect with your courage and inner resources. Together we'll fly beyond preconceived limits and start making our Dreams a reality.

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Dreams Arising

Learn how to get past the pesky Dreamkillers that always stopped you before. You’ll leave with a plan of action and someone to hold your feet to the fire when you want to give up on yourself.

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Enabling women to embrace their hunger for expression by stepping into their deep courage and bypassing the Dreamkillers’ ugly messages. What stopped you before won’t stop you now!

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About Your Teacher, Coach and Dream Doula

Hi, I’m Debra. Through 20+ years of coaching career changers, I have learned that yes, we need a livelihood, something to live on, but we also need something to live for.

A Dream is an outpouring of our passion, our inner guidance, and our deepest need. Whether it’s travel, engaging our creativity, relocation to another part of the world, or something else, our Dreams don’t stop the nagging hungry feeling until they’re fed the attention they crave.

No Dream is too frivolous. No Dream is inconsequential. And nothing is more important.

I’m a workshop leader and Dream Doula here to show you how to bring your Dream to life.  My gift is to take conceptual ideas and put them into an understandable framework that you can use.  I use metaphors that resonate like a finely tuned violin and translate the gobbledegook of new age woo woo into action items that make sense.

As a certified and credentialed coach I can help you dig deeper into what your soul longs to express.  Then together we will find a path to make that happen.

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Rave Reviews

"Debra has the rare ability to be both challenging and nurturing as a coach. She genuinely listens to and cares about her clients.  I treasure her as honest, wise, and insightful. She also has a firm grounding in what is practical and real…  She is a gem."

Jeanette Meyer

"Debra is inspirational in clarifying a subject that could be very nebulous and difficult to identify. She breaks it into steps that bring concrete ideas into reality."

Joyce Dempsey

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We help women embrace their Dreams and sidestep their Dreamkillers through education and ongoing support.

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